Why bother with these number things anyways? Shouldn’t I just learn sheet music?

Sheet music is clearly successful with many people. There are many classically trained musicians out there, and there will continue to be in the future. Opian was developed for the students who seemed bored with traditional methods and just wanted to play the piano and not worry too much about theory and the technical parts of music, yet. Opian allows students to play songs they know and love immediately and not go through years of sheet music before they are able to do so. This helps develop a love of music, rhythm and useful definitions that mimic sheet music.

Will I learn music theory with this method?

A curriculum is being developed, but is not complete. It will include all fundamental music theory concepts like scales (major, minor, pentatonic, blues scales, the modes, etc.), chords (diatonic chord theory, chord extensions, all types of chords), how to create various types of music using the previously mentioned scales and chords, reading sheet music, and more. Feel free to reach out and tell us more about what you hope to accomplish as a piano player.

Does piano by numbers offer lessons online?

Not at the moment, but feel free to reach out if you are interested and it is something that we would look to develop in the future!

What happens if I (or my child) masters level 3?

The first important thing to be sure of is that you mastered level 3. To master level 3 a student should:

  • Understand and be fluent with all musical notations such as repeats, flats, rit., DC al fine, quicks and holds, etc.
  • Have good posture and hand shapes as they play any situation.
  • Know how to master tricky sections by rehearsing them over and over until perfected and be able to keep up with the rhythm of any recording once sufficient practice is completed.

If this describes you or your child, then they should move onto multi-position and begin playing full songs that demand the hands to be mobile. For more info on multi-position, click here!

Will I ever learn sheet music with this method?

If you have worked on numerous versions of the numbers, you are well on your way to sheet music, as the number notation was developed to lay a foundation and easy transitioning process into sheet music. Official transition material (out of numbers and into sheet music) is in the process of creation, but no finished product is available at this time. Please reach out if you are interested in transitioning to sheet music!

How easy is this?

The method is standardized, to the point, and very heavy on the playing part of learning the piano. It has been tested with many beginner students, young and old, and without exception is graspable by all. How far you take this method is up to you and your dedication to learning the art of piano playing, but no doubt the information is ready to be learned!

Who should use Opian?

The users of the system vary greatly based on age, experience, and talent level, but in general this system is designed for anyone who is new to learning the piano and is looking for a way to play exciting songs quickly. It will still take work as there is no magic formula that will learn the piano for you, but using this system takes the confusing aspects of music out of the equation and allows the students to grow as players.

How can I get a refund?

Refunds are offered in special situations only. A refund can be sought if and only if a song has many typos and is hard to understand even after watching the instructional videos. Be sure to choose songs that are appropriate for the level of the child and read the “which level is right for me” page on the website carefully before purchasing.

Why can’t I download the pdf?

This is to help protect the material and method. It is best to practice with a laptop or Ipad as there are tip sections, easy links to the recordings and easy to get from one song to the next without digging through a pile of paper. However we understand in some situations that a hard copy is useful and that is why you are able to print the sheets from the browser if you would like!