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Introducing a unique way to learn
while developing a life-long love of music.

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Why You’ll Love our Program

It’s Simple

Introducing a streamlined way to learn piano using Opian’s innovative teaching method. Traditional piano lessons require students to learn music notation (a completely different written language) before they ever learn to play songs. The Opian method simplifies this process, so beginners start playing piano immediately while learning musical concepts in a fun, intuitive way.

It’s Social

With Opian’s gaming app, your child will never practice alone! They can compete against friends, compare scores to those online and play along with the full bands built into the app. It really is fun for the whole family!


It Saves $$$

Normal piano lessons can be expensive and challenging to schedule into a busy day. Opian’s new online game offers an affordable and convenient solution so you can bring music into your child’s life. If you want to start the program and don’t have the right equipment, Opian is proud to offer an uncomplicated rent-to-own option.

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