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Are you ready to get started learning the Opian system?  The starter pack includes seven professionally produced instructional videos that explain every symbol and concept that you will need in order to use the Opian system.  The videos do not get bogged down in technical language, rather the explanations stick to the point and do so in a way that is accessible to musicians and non-musicians alike.

Also, you will receive the seventeen songs that are used in the videos to start playing today.  As is the case with all O-Music songs, you will receive three recordings of each song (slow, normal speed, and with counting) to help you hear what the songs are supposed to sound like.  This coupled with quick links to definitions and where to find the video explanations for each term make learning songs fun and easy.  The Opian starter pack is the best first step to a long career of playing for you or your child!

Read about the details of the videos below.

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With purchase of the starter pack, you will have unlimited viewing of the following videos:

  • Video 1: Positioning and Posture
  • Video 2: Holding and Resting
    • Rests and Holds-Twinkle Twinkle-Level 0
    • Long Holds-Amazing Grace-Level 0
  • Video 3: Quicks, Double Quicks, and Dots
    • Quicks-This Little Light of Mine-Level 0
    • Double Quicks-Joy to the World-Level 0
    • Dots-Pop Goes the Weasel-Level 0
  • Video 4: Hand Position Changes
    • Sharps and Flats-America the Beautiful-Level 0
    • Finger Shift-Skip to my Lou-Level 0
    • Hand Position Change-Oh Danny Boy-Level 0
  • Video 5: Playing with Feeling and Structural Notation
    • Volume Changes and Ritardandos-Deck the Halls-Level 0
    • First and Second Endings-Minuet in G-Level 0
    • D.C. al Fine-We Wish You A Merry Christmas-Level 0
  • Video 6: Beyond Level 0
    • Simultaneous Notes and Chords-The Can-Can Level 1
    • Length of Hold-Oh Danny Boy-Level 1
    • Timing Arrows-On Top of Old Smokey-Level 2
  • Video 7: Practicing Difficult Songs
    • Ode to Joy-Level 3
    • O Come All Ye Faithful-Level 3
    • Greensleeves-Level 3